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The Art of Creating Walls and Surfaces Which Personify Your Craving

  • Decorating and colour tips
  • Applying your sticker - some tips
  • How to apply

Decorating and colour advice

Walls are the largest surface area in a room. Like a giant canvas, they give you the creative freedom to bring it to life a Wall Cravings have designs that can make your walls or space calm, letting them blend into the background, or designs that can decorate them with patterns, colours and objects designed to make them stand out with a bold attitude

The great thing about Wall Cravings is that it lets you instantly add design to any space. This can be used as the basis of a decorative scheme, where furnishings are bought in matching colours, to create a uniform feeling throughout. Watch out for our textiles line to be launched very soon - matching pillows and throws for some of our designs.

Most of our designs have colour options that can be used on any colour background. For our designs we have chosen colours that we feel will best suit most colour backgrounds and surfaces, especially if you require minimum change in your house, apartment or office, and prefer sticking to white or cream walls. Check out our Floral & Nature collection. For those who require maximum change for their big bold backgrounds, choose one of our larger designs, take a peek at our Graphic stickers. For rooms painted in bright colours and furnished with brightly coloured bedspreads/sofas etc then try our Mirror stickers. These give a great reflective effect with colours in any room. Try these on your furniture and nurseries also. Kids & babies love looking at themselves in them!

Some basic rules on choosing background colours:

Warm colours - Most designers and artists refer to colours as warm or cool. Warm colours include yellows, reds, oranges, browns and some purples. This family of colours can remind you of the sun or fire. These colours usually make a room appear smaller and more intimate, so they are great choices for larger rooms. Produces an active and stimulating mood effect.

Cool colours - cool colours include blues, greens and some pinks and purples. These colours are calming and will give relaxing vibes. They can make a small room appear larger. When blended with warm colours, they create a nice balance of visual and tonal property that produces unique settings.

Complimentary colours - colours that are opposite to each other on a colour wheel chart, such as blue and yellow, red and green or turquoise and orange. They create a strong contrast and therefore a lively, vibrant colour scheme.

Neutral colours - These are the most popular background colours because they give a very natural and peaceful interior. The colours of white, ivory, beige, cream, stone, brown are neutral colours that are common in contemporary finishes. A neutral background works well contrasting stronger colours, tones, textures and patterns to compliment.

Non chromatic colours - - black and white and sometimes grey, are used together to create a big contrast to any setting. The most common contrast is between black and white, a combination which has a very dramatic, explicit finish.

Walls are the background of our lives and they also make up the larger part of our interior worlds. And, best of all, it is very simple to take down Wall Cravings as soon as you wish to re-decorate!

Applying your Wall Cravings sticker - some tips

To begin with make sure you have the following: measuring tape, ladder (in case of applying to high wall), masking tape or similar light tape, pair of scissors, the white plastic scraper provided inside our packaging (or similar object like a ruler or credit card) and a live, clean flat surface ready for your Wall Cravings sticker.

Make sure you know the measurement of your design against the wall or surface measurement to ensure that the sticker is placed in the exact position that you want and to the size you desire. Use a measuring tape if needed.

It’s always more fun if two of you apply the sticker, also so much easier! Some of our more detailed or large designs can take over 60 minutes to install, but it will be a fun time and a fantastic result.

Do not use on freshly painted walls or surfaces. We recommend that if possible apply to gloss and satin finish painted walls. Ensure application only after 3-4 weeks of being painted.

Do not store your Wall Cravings stickers in direct sunlight, very hot or damp areas. Apply within 2 months of purchase.

How to apply:

1. Check your surface

Be sure that the surface you are applying the Wall Cravings sticker to is: clean, dry, smooth and free of dust and dirt. Wall Cravings stickers can be applied to walls, wood, glass, and window’s, mirrors, bathroom tiles, concrete, metal or any smooth and dry surface. Wall Cravings are easily removed but cannot be repositioned or reused.

2. Prepare the Wall Cravings vinyl sticker

You have 3 parts of a Wall Cravings sticker. 1. The white backing sheet. 2. The vinyl sticker. 3. The transparent transfer tape. Lay each Wall Cravings sticker on a flat surface, graphic side down. Press and rub very firmly over the entire sticker with the white plastic scraper (or ruler, credit card or similar object). This is done to ensure that the sticker adheres properly to the transfer sheet and peels off more easily. If your design requires that you cut several pieces out from the sheet before application, this is the time to do it. Taking a pair of scissors, cut carefully around the vinyl leaving a little gap around the edge, avoiding cutting on the vinyl sticker itself. Remember to rub very firmly over the back of the cut-out sticker piece

3. Plan your design layout to size of wall and your own taste

Arrange your Wall Cravings sticker design on the desired wall or surface using masking tape or a light tape (on the top edge only). Some of our more detailed designs will have instructions and keys that come with them. It’s important to follow these. Do not remove the white backing until you are satisfied with your design layout. Some of our designs have many pieces that allow you to create your own complete design and place them where you wish; You can cut individual pieces out with a pair of scissors and apply as many or as little as you wish. Some others you have to join and match them to create the final layout. It’s easier to match and join the larger pieces together first, adding the smaller pieces afterwards.

4. Application of the Wall Cravings Sticker

From any corner, very carefully, slowly peel the white backing away from the transfer tape, following over with the scraper to help push down and to avoid any tearing. It’s better if you start at the top centre and work your way out to the edges and bottom of the sticker. The vinyl sticker should be sticking to the transparent transfer tape and the wall. If some of the sticker remains stuck to the white backing, stop immediately, go back and re-rub the sticker in that area, then slowly continue peeling until the white backing is completely removed and the sticker has adhered to the transfer sheet.

5. Transferring the sticker to the wall/surface

With your hand and the white plastic scrapper (ruler or credit card) finish the application by rubbing over the entire vinyl sticker to remove any bumps caused by air bubbles, and also to ensure that the sticker is completely affixed.

6. Remove transfer sheet

Once you have removed the air bubbles, wait about 10 minutes, then starting from any corner; slowly peel away the transfer sheet. Remove by pulling slowly and carefully downwards away from the vinyl. Make sure none of the vinyl pulls up with the transfer film, so that the sticker is sticking to your surface and not to the transfer sheet; if required, roll back the transfer tape and rub again using the white scraper to ensure the sticker has bonded with the wall and continue to peel off. Take extra care when peeling back transfer sheet from a painted wall.

7. Repeat process of with any of the remaining additional pieces of sticker that make-up the final design.

8. Your Wall Cravings sticker application is complete – sit back and enjoy your Design that sticks!

Warning: Wall Cravings is not and will not be held responsible for any damage caused by applying or removing stickers. Careful removal of stickers is advised, so to avoid future touch up of paintwork areas

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